A2P - platform
Powerful traffic management platform, that allows to provide SMS transit and subscriber SMS services.
Dating Service
Carrier-class product that allows mobile subscribers to communicate with each other using SMS messages, web site and mobile application.
Messengers, PUSH, soc. networks
These three areas are a more recent way to inform your customers. Use both promotional text and multimedia messages.
Voice service. IVR
A platform with a set of ready-to-run standard voice solutions, as well as the ability to create and launch new voice services of any complexity with support for recognition and synthesis of human speech.
Interactive services and content
The solution for sending content to the subscriber’s phone (text, multimedia, games, etc.), subscriptions, voting, chats and much more.
FINTECH solutions
Software for banks and financial companies, which includes modules for processing various types of payments reception. We provide technical support for our own and third-party IT solutions.
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