We carry out the development and support of IT solutions of the bank. (Payment and authorization modules, contactless payment based on HCE technology, subscription management and much more). A lot of integration tasks solved.
We implemented the SMS-Community platform for social network messaging aggregation, online.mts.ru website and MMS push platform. Our solutions meet strict information security and fault tolerance requirements.
We have deployed a platform that provides aggregation of partner SMPP/MM7 connections for implementing various VAS messaging services. Another solution - the Event Based Marketing platform - implements the insertion of advertising media in the operator's notification traffic.
Developed a platform for managing and delivering multimedia content using ICB broadcasting. Storage of any type of content with an expandable set of attributes - multimedia, videos, games, mobile books, etc. Subscription-based billing engine.
Dating service - allowing subscribers to create a profile, search for interlocutors and communicate without disclosing mobile phone number. SMS / MMS / USSD / ICB / IVR / Website / Mobile App transports are used for both registration and communication. Search algorithm uses geolocation info.
Mobicont platform is used as a messaging gateway for SMS-services, partner traffic aggregation, payment processing. In accordance with the client's request, the installation was certified according to the PCI DSS standard.
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